NEW! Salmon Puree Cubes

Say goodbye to messy blending and hello to perfectly portioned, ready-to-serve salmon goodness with Nourishing Bubs Salmon Puree Cubes! We've taken the hassle out of preparing this nutritious superfood for your little one, giving you more time to focus on the moments that matter.


Made with 100% pure Australian salmon and a touch of fish broth blended to a smooth consistency, our cubes capture all the delicious taste and essential nutrients without any unnecessary ingredients. No more blending, just thaw, mix and serve!

Each pack contains: 10 x 30g individual frozen portions (300g)

Ingredients: Australian Salmon (77%), Fish Broth (water, salmon and salmon bones).
CONTAINS: Salmon (fish)
Note on texture: While puree has been blended until smooth, it is a thick consistency designed for mixing with vegetable purees. If you would like to offer on it's own, you may wish to add a little breast milk / formula to reach desired viscosity.

Why Salmon is a Nutritional Powerhouse for Babies:

    • Brainpower Boost: Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, crucial for brain development, vision health, and reducing inflammation.
    • Muscle Power: Excellent source of protein for healthy growth and development of muscles, bones, and tissues.
    • Immunity Defense: Packed with vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D for bone health and Vitamin B12 for nerve function and red blood cell production.
    • Iron Power: Natural source of iron to help Bub reach their increased needs 
    • Flavourful Discovery: Mild and delicate flavour perfect for introducing your baby to the taste of seafood in a gentle and enjoyable way.

Mix and Match delicious combos - the control is in YOUR hands!

Our Salmon Puree Cubes perfectly complement Nourishing Bubs Vegetable Purees, allowing you to create a symphony of flavours and textures for your baby's palate. Mix and match different combinations to discover new favourites and encourage a love for diverse and nutritious meals.

We particularly love Salmon with Pea, Pumpkin and Avocado plus a squeeze of lemon!