Grass-Fed Beef Puree Cubes


Introducing Nourishing Bubs Beef Puree cubes - the convenient and mess-free way to add rich, savoury flavours to your baby's meals!


 Made with 100% Australian grass-fed beef and a touch of beef broth, these cubes are the perfect way to elevate the taste and nutritional value of your little one's food without having to spend hours making it yourself.

Each pack contains: 10 x 30g individual frozen portions (300g)

Ingredients: Australian Grass-Fed Beef (71%), Grass-Fed Beef Broth (water, grass-fed beef and beef bones, apple cider vinegar).

Manufactured on equipment which also handles fish.

Note on texture: While puree has been blended until smooth (making it suitable from when your little one starts solids), it is a thick consistency designed for mixing with vegetable purees. If you would like to offer on its own, you may wish to add a little breast milk / formula to reach desired viscosity.

Unlocking the Nutritional Power of Beef for Babies:


    • Protein Powerhouse: Provides essential building blocks for healthy growth and development of muscles, bones,and tissues.


    • Iron-Rich: Supports healthy red blood cell production, carries oxygen to the growing brain, muscles and tissues.


    • Vitamin Boost: Packed with B vitamins for energy production and nervous system function.


    • Zinc Power: Supports immune function and healthy development.


    • Deliciously Savoury: Introduces your baby to the wonderful taste of beef in a gentle and enjoyable way.


Effortless and Versatile:


    • Perfect for adding protein to any meal

    • Frozen for freshness and long shelf life

    • Simplifies meal prep for busy parents
    • Simply thaw and serve, making mealtimes quick and convenient


Mix and Match for a Nutritious Symphony:

Our Beef Puree cubes are designed to complement the Nourishing Bubs range of vegetable purees, allowing you to create a variety of delicious and nutritious combinations. Mix and match different puree flavors and textures to explore new taste profiles and encourage a love for diverse and healthy eating. The addition of grains can assist in adding texture to the purees as well.