Skipjack Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can


120g Can

This Skipjack tuna is among the world’s most delicious eating tuna. It is fished seasonally off the coast of the Canary Islands in fully sustainable fishing zones using ancient line-and-pole techniques, ensuring each catch is entirely dolphin safe. The tuna is snap chilled and processed in Spain using traditional hand-filleting techniques. As is the tradition in these parts, all the filleting is done by highly skilled female processors. The Tuna is preserved in certified organic extra virgin oil. 


  • Straight from the can
  • Flaked into puree
  • Stirred into pasta
  • In fishcakes

Product Summary:

  • Wild fished

  • Sustainably caught (in FAO Area 34) under the European Commission's Common Fisheries Policy.

  • Caught by line and pole (no sonar or drift netting)

  • Fished to quotas

  • 100 percent skipjack tuna

  • 100 percent dolphin safe

  • BPA free

  • Chemical free

  • Additive free

  • Certified organic (olive oil)

  • Hand processed

  • Fair trade (workers are responsibly paid)

  • Anti slavery

  • Nutrient rich