Mackeral in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can


120g Can

These sweet and juicy little fish are a prized speciality of Andalusia, Spain, and are caught and processed today just as they were centuries ago. Cooked on the day they are caught, the Atlantic chub mackerel are one of the world’s most sustainable fish and delicious to eat. . 

Rich in Omega-3, Mackeral is an excellent fish for babies and their growing brains.


  • Allergen introduction
  • Straight from the can
  • Flaked into puree
  • Stirred into pasta
  • On toast

Product Summary:

  • Wild fished

  • Sustainably caught (FAO Areas 27 and 34) under the European Commission's Common Fisheries Policy

  • Fished to quotas

  • 100 percent Atlantic club mackerel

  • 100 percent dolphin safe

  • Fished in small boats with small nets (no sonar)

  • BPA free

  • Chemical free

  • Additive free

  • Certified organic (olive oil)

  • Hand processed

  • Fair trade (workers are responsibly paid)

  • Nutrient rich