NEW! Grass-Fed Liver Capsules


    Liver is one of most nutrient dense foods on the planet! For babies as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is particularly beneficial due to the level of bioavailable (readily absorbed) haem iron. 

    Organically sourced from the ancient grasslands of Australia’s Lake Eyre Basin, Cell Squared freeze-dried liver capsules are 100% natural with nothing added. This provides vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form.

    Cultures throughout history, have praised the amazing health benefits of eating liver. Now our tasteless & convenient, organic & grass-fed liver capsules make the nutritional benefits of beef liver accessible in daily life.



    - Mix into purees 

    - Sprinkle into food

    - Swallow as capsule for adults or older children (not suitable to swallow for baby)



    Due to the high level of vitamin A also found in liver, dosage of Cell Squared for 6-12 month baby is contents of 1 capsule per day or 2-2.5 capsules every other day.


    Product Summary:

    • 100% natural

    • Independently tested

    • GMO free

    • No Fillers or flow agents

    • Organic & regeneratively farmed

    • Grass fed AND finished

    • Freeze-dried & nutrient dense

    • Keto, Paleo & Carnivore friendly

    • Australian