Solids + Allergen Intro Essentials Bundle

Introducing your baby to solid foods can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. That's why we've put together the Nourishing Bubs Complete Bundle to help you introduce your little one to a world of delicious and nutritious foods with confidence! Everything you need to make your baby's food introduction journey a success. 

This bundle includes:

1. Bubs Solids Starter Pack - a complete pack of snap frozen purees that includes a variety of vegetables and fruits.

2. Bubs Fruit Pack - a pack of snap frozen fruit purees.

3. Allergen Intro Pack - a box of the common food allergens, in a powdered format, to minimise any choking hazards.

4. Allergen Magnet Chart - a magnet chart that comes with a whiteboard marker to help you keep track of allergen introduction and monitor any potential reactions.

5. Introducing Allergen to Your Baby Ebook - an ebook complete with easy-to-follow instructions to help you introduce common allergens, such milk, eggs, peanuts and all tree nuts to your baby's diet.

6. Alaskan Salmon in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (can) - rich in Omega-3, this snap frozen salmon preserved in   organic extra virgin olive oil is an excellent fish for babies and their growing brains.